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Hello to all of my supporters,fans, and customers

I thank you for your continued support, and business. I have just recently started a new fan page on facebook advertising my Psychic Reading Specials please like my page, and for every new like I get I will give you a free tarot card reading on the house.Just so you can get a free sample of just what I have to offer. I have my own Charmed Shop where you can purchase my readings, I also have a page set up just for requesting readings.I am on ebay I have several different psychic reading listings, and I believe my feedback speaks for it’s self. Buy with confidence I am a 4th generation Psychic Reader.My abilities were handed down to me by my Great Grandmother.She was a wonderfully gifted, talented, and very spiritual lady.I am part Cherokee Indian, and part Irish.I guess you can say I did get the luck of my ancestor’s by being born on St.Patrick’s’s do play a big role in my life, as I am also a Mom to seven children.I am blessed.I love using my abilities to help others find their way.I give understanding, and hope for tomorrow. I have many different services, and abilities I do, and offer they are as followed Tarot Card Readings,Rune Readings,Numberology Readings,Aura Readings,Love Psychic Readings,Spiritual Readings,Clairvoyant,Intuitive Reader,Clairaudience,and I do Dream Interpertations. I love what I do, and I love people, so if you want a reading done by a professional, and a caring,loving one who will offer support,follow up’s, and really will be there when you need help the most then contact me today.My readings are low cost.I don’t believe in charging an arm, and a leg just to help someone, but yes I do like to get paid for my work. I put a lot of time, and energy into every single reading I do, and it will be well worth your money, and very detailed, and accurate results.I have people message me back right after a reading telling me that something I just told them, was happening right then and was amazed at how right I was. Come give it a try for yourself.

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I Have Now Added A 30 Minute Skype Reading To My Private Readings

I have now added a 30 minute skype reading to my private readings,come get a private reading done today.get answers to questions you have.I am also joining this month,so watch for my live feeds,and come get a private reading.My readings outside of Oranum will be cheaper,then if purchased through there website.I’m running a 30 minute reading special for just $40.00 for the whole month of November.Hurry my prices will be going up next month.Come find out about your love life,your career,your finances,even pregnancy,and fertility.I also do tarot card readings as well.let me be your light in the dark.If you have questions,I have the answers.I love using my abilities to help guide others.If you need help,don’t wait let me help you today.I will deliver readings within 24 hours of your purchase.Come Gobble up your Thanksgiving special reading today.I also have specials on my email readings as well.get a 1,2,or 3 question email reading done.Some readings will be same day service.Get a free tarot card reading with every email reading purchased. I have low price readings you can buy straight from my Charmed Shop.need more information on my readings,or to get an appointment for a skype reading go to readings by Charmed Jones.

Psychic Readings By Charmed Jones Can Be Found On Ebay Too..

  Do you need a Psychic Reading done at a reasonable price? Are you tired of being lead on,or taken a vantage of? Get a real reading done by a real Psychic who is caring, and understanding.My readings can be found on ebay as well.I run many specials that can be found on ebay.I have a one hundred percent positive feedback which is huge for as many psychic sales I have done on ebay.I also do tarot card readings.My tarot card readings are life changing.They can give you the advice you need right now for what is going on in your life right now.Get life changing advice now.let me help guide you on the path you were meant to be on.I can help you with love,money,healing,career,weightloss,you name it I can help.I not only do Psychic Readings at low prices,I also do spells in my home for you.I also sell spells you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home.My spells are easy to follow,and the kits you buy come with everything you need to complete the spell for yourself.Come check me out on ebay,or look up charmed Jones.Get a low cost reading today.Don’t be left in the dark,let me shine some light on your situation today! Readings start as low as ten dollars! For about the price you pay for a starbucks cup of coffee.Mention my Blog,and get two dollars off any reading choice.Come visit my Charmed Shop today,and change your life today!

Are You feeling Lost? Let Me Be Your Light!

If your feeling lost, and confused. Not knowing which way to turn, or which path in life to take.Please reach out for me, and my help.I do private low cost readings via email. I want to be able to guide you back into the light.Get straight to the point answers to your most burning questions.I am running specials for the whole month of October just for Halloween, so please feel free to contact me to get special rates.Put Halloween Reading deal in the heading to get my special rates.If you go to my request a reading page, and like me on facebook I will give you a free sample reading.My try it before you buy it.In all of my readings I give two special bonuses your very own personalized weekly horoscope, and your lucky numbers.If you hit the lottery from your lucky numbers please just remember who to thank.I give all of my reading via email, or skype.All I require is a recent picture of your face showing your eyes, or just a close up of your eyes if your camera shy.I will also need your birthday,just month,and day.I do request you give me 24 hours to complete your reading,if i’m backed up I will notify you as to how long it will be.I make it a point to keep my customer’s happy, and coming back for more! If you refer a friend to me, and they purchase a reading I will take five dollars off your next reading.I also do spells.I have spells for love,money,career,health.I also have ritual kits you can buy at my charmed shop that you can do in your home.Come get your Halloween Deal!

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